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Every policy we write, like every home we cover, is uniquely designed to your specifications. Unlike big-box providers, our policies are sized to your budget, your usage, and your life.

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Home means many things to many people. Whether you dwell in a dream home, a DIY labor of love, or our renting to save up for a house, you’ve invested in your American dream, and it’s our duty to protect it.

Homeowners’ Insurance

Liability policies protect you if someone is injured in an accident at your home or experiences property damage resulting from your negligence. Liability can also cover you against claims or lawsuits related to such incidents.

The dwelling itself is also protected under the property coverages. While wind and fire damage are the most common perils, you can also find coverage for things like theft and vandalism.

Personal property is all of your belongings. If you took your house and turned it upside down everything that falls out would be considered your personal property. Many people don't realize how much stuff they have and would need to replace until a claim occurs. Talk to us today to make sure you aren't underinsured.

Renters’ Insurance

Your landlord may insured the building, but their policy doesn’t cover your personal possessions. Renters’ insurance delivers peace of mind if disaster strikes.

Policies cover:

  • Your valuables in the event of damage or theft
  • Injuries sustained in your rental home and associated medical expenses
  • Additional living expenses if your rental becomes uninhabitable

Mobile/Manufactured Home Insurance

Mobile or manufactured homes are built for easy living, but the going gets tough without the proper coverage.

Coverages included:

  • The structure of your home and outbuildings (shed or detached garage)
  • Your personal effects
  • Loss resulting from theft or vandalism
  • Wind, hail or fire damage
  • Personal liability protection

Seasonal/Vacation Property Insurance

Whether you favor seaside cottages or rustic retreats, our seasonal property coverages help you savor the simple life. Even if you don’t have your primary home insured with us, we’ll tailor a policy to your use and to your budget. Our comprehensive property policies provide for accidental damage, liability and loss at your seasonal or secondary property. Relax and leave the rest to us—contact Smallwood and Small for a quote today.

Investment Property Insurance

In today’s economy, many people are capitalizing on market conditions by purchasing investment properties. Our specialized coverage protects your investment, your wallet and your sanity. Our coverage protects your asset in the event of theft, vandalism or disaster. And Erie Secure Home® guarantees the replacement cost of your home, covering it in full if it’s damaged or destroyed. Explore your options today.

Flood Insurance

Rain, hurricanes and high river flows can cause major economic woes. Given that traditional homeowners’ policies will not cover property damages resulting from flooding, flood insurance offers essential protection from the elements. For over 30 years, Smallwood and Small has advised homeowners on their flood risk levels and established appropriate coverages for their homes.

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