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Tips for Staying Healthy While at Work

As work has moved away from manual labor to the office, many have adopted a generally sedentary lifestyle. Staying healthy while at work has become the focus of several companies—incorporating standing desks, fitness incentives, etc.

However, we rarely take into consideration just how our health is effecting us in the long term. If we fail to take proper care of ourselves now, we are going to suffer more health issues as we reach our retirement years. Even less consideration goes to how our overall health can affect our insurance premiums!

Since our health is our responsibility, and the nine-to-five is contributing to growing health issues, we’ve compiled a list of five steps you can take to stay healthy while at work.

  1. Take a walk. Sitting for eight hours in a chair, five days a week is going to wreck your body. You can break that time up by taking short, brisk walks around the office to get the blood flowing. Not only will this help your cardiovascular fitness, but it will also give your brain a much needed break—leading to increased productivity!
  2. Avoid the snacks. We all have that one co-worker who has some sort of communal snack sitting on his or her desk. Though the gesture is hospitable and innocent enough, stopping by their desk can lead to problems. The candy, donuts, or cookies may be inviting, but those calories are going to add up quickly. Instead, opt for bringing in your own healthy snacks from home. Sure, a stick of celery isn’t quite as tempting as a Twix, but that healthy alternative will pay dividends in the long run.
  3. Drink enough water. Many of us are walking around dehydrated and don’t even know it. Making sure to drink eight to ten glasses of water every day can help ensure that your organs and other systems have enough water to properly function. Now that we work in less communal jobs, the old idea of the water-cooler has faded away. Invest in a large, insulated container to keep at your desk to sip from throughout the day. Not only will your water stay cold, but you’ll be able to set a goal to finish the bottle by quitting time. That will help ensure you get in your recommended intake of water each day.
  4. Give your eyes a rest. One area of health that is easy to neglect is eyesight. Staring at a screen for eight hours can cause significant strain on your eyes. This can lead to headaches, difficulty focusing, and blurry vision. An easy fix is to move your chair further away from your computer screen and increase the font size. There are even anti-strain eyeglasses you can purchase to reduce the impact of the screen on your vision. Making these simple adjustments will save you years on your eyesight.
  5. Go on vacation. While this is more in line with getting away from work, taking that vacation time is crucial to your overall health. Even if your vacation is more of a “staycation”, taking time away from the office will give you the opportunity to recharge your body and mind. Use the time away to practice yoga, meditate, spend time with family, read a good book, and just generally destress. Just getting your mind off work tasks will be benefit enough. Make sure you’re also incorporating low-impact physical activity to give your body a reset, as well.

While our list isn’t exhaustive, following these five practices will lead to an overall healthier life. A healthier you means you’ll be around longer for your family and friends. Not only that, you’ll be able to save some money on your life insurance through a healthier lifestyle!

And no one ever complained about being told to destress and take a break!


Want to find out how living a healthier life can save you on your insurance policies? Call us today at our Martinsburg office at 304-263-3361, or the Inwood office at 304-229-7227 to talk to an agent today. You can also contact us for a free quote on our website here. Remember, living a healthier life now can save you money in the present, while preparing for a better future!

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