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Strange Claims

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Top 5 Homeowners’ Strange Claims

Homeowners insurance claims are not always for fires, tornadoes, or other natural disasters. Sometimes claims come due to the bizarre and unusual aspects of our daily lives.

While not everything you file a claim for will be covered, the following are some of the more strange claims that have been filed over the years.

Chic Cooks

Some people really go all out when it comes to their food. For a couple in Manhattan, this was even true when it came to the cooking oils they used. At $200 per bottle—and having several bottles on hand—the couple would only cook with Lambda, an imported olive oil from Greece.

Unfortunately for them, a fire broke out in their apartment while on vacation, and all of the bottles—along with other valuables—were destroyed. However, the suave and sophisticated couple was also savvy enough to take photos every time they purchased a new, expensive item. This evidence for the insurance company allowed them to replace everything lost—including their cooking oils—without having to pay out of pocket.

Venomous Vermin

The typical American family has at least one pet. Typically, that furry member of the family will be a dog, cat, hamster—or the occasional Tarantula. Somewhat less common companions from the animal kingdom are copperheads. For a family in southeast Ohio though, that’s exactly what they had.

And wouldn’t you know it, one day the family had some friends over to watch a basketball game, and their beloved pet got loose, slithered across the floor, and bit one of their guests. Luckily the family had knowledge in handling snake bites and got their friend treated quickly. Just as thankfully, the family who owned the scaly pet had a homeowners policy that covered the medical bills for the injured friend.

The snake, however…it was off with his copper head.

Not-So-White Wedding

Some families have regal estates that are the perfect wedding destination. One couple in Virginia was looking to have a “southern-style” wedding on an old plantation. Unfortunately, mother nature had other things in mind.

Three days before the wedding was to take place, a massive thunderstorm knocked over trees on the property—one of which crashed into the plantation house, destroying the roof and a few rooms. Instead of ruining the big day, the plantation owner’s insurance policy saved the day by not only repairing the home, but paying for a nearby hotel to host the event.

This is just one of the many ways business interruption coverage has come in handy to save the “big day.”

Scene of the Crime

Some of life’s events are far more unfortunate than others. For one family of three in Wisconsin, this came to reality during a break-in.

While the family was sleeping, two burglars—with violent ill-intent—broke into the home. The owner of the house woke when he heard the glass break, grabbed his firearm, and headed downstairs. When the burglars spotted the man on the stairs, one fired their gun, missing him and hitting a wall instead.

The owner of the home was a bit more accurate. After firing four rounds and striking the burglars, the police arrived and the injured do-no-goods were escorted to the hospital. But now there was blood all over the family’s living room carpeting!

Not to worry, their homeowners insurance covered the cost of the repairs to their broken door and the professional cleaning to remove the blood stains.

The Sky is Falling

Not all homeowners claims are going to come directly from damage to your property—as we’ve already seen. Sometimes, the damage caused can come hurdling from the sky, as one woman in Georgia found out.

It was a warm spring afternoon, and one young woman was at a friend’s house, taking the opportunity for some sunbathing in the backyard. After about fifteen minutes, she felt a wet drop hit her abdomen—then she looked up. Frozen sewage material that had leaked mid-flight from a commercial aircraft had fallen from 30,000 feet.

Then a larger chunk of frozen disinfectant struck the woman’s right side, breaking her collarbone. Even though the cause of her broken bone came from above, she was able to file a claim that covered the cost of her medical bills.


Know of any other weird or bizarre stories? We’d love to hear them! Give us a call today at 304-263-3361 at our Martinsburg office, or 304-229-7227 at our Inwood office, to talk to one of our agents about your homeowners insurance needs. You can also get a free quote online by clicking here. You may not be struck by falling frozen sewage, but you’ll want to make sure you’re covered—just in case!

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