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Maternity Insurance Coverage

Mommies-to-be, listen up! Did you know that before 2014, only 12% of insurance plans offered maternity insurance coverage?

The Old Days

Health insurance for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and newborn care often times was purchased separately at the cost of a sharply increased premium. In fact, pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition; meaning coverage would be unavailable or added to the health plan at drastically higher rates.

 Doing Things Differently

Luckily for parents-to-be, the Affordable Care Act of 2014, dictated maternity insurance coverage as one of the 10 essential health benefits that must be covered by all health insurance plans.

 So What’s Maternity Insurance Cover?

The initial services that maternity insurance coverage provide is outpatient coverage for all pregnancy related appointments:

-Pre and postnatal doctor visits

– Lab studies

– Medication

-Other outpatient services

– Inpatient services such as hospitalization

– Physician fees

After the baby is born, it is customary that your little one is brought back for check-ups every month to ensure health. Maternity coverage not only covers these check ups but any other services such as, shots or medication the baby might need. Additionally, if a Mom is lacking the essential baby-care gear, maternity coverage covers equipment rental and counseling.

Come See Us!

Maternity insurance coverage is the most important policy an expecting mother could need. Consequently, it became a mandatory piece of all health care plans due to the 2014 Affordable Care Act.

It provides women security during their pregnancy and eliminates the stress of being unable to receive proper care during a very critical and special time. Mothers should anxiously await their precious gift, not worry about an insurance policy. Quell your concerns by calling Smallwood & Small to make sure your health insurance plan is as ready as you are to bring a beautiful baby into the world.

Call 304-263-3361 or visit to learn more about maternity coverage or other policies.

Photo Credit: “Maternity” by Philippe Put. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

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