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Lifestyle Tips for Lowering Insurance Premiums

You see the jokes all the time: “I saved money on car insurance by not having any!”

While protecting your goods and your livelihood shouldn’t be a joke, we also understand that paying insurance premiums can sound intimidating. Thankfully for you, we’ve compiled a list of some tips that will help you lower all of your insurance premiums—and that’s no joke!

Auto Insurance Premiums

Use One Insurance Company

Most insurance companies offer a multi-policy discount if you group all of your insurance policies together. We give 20% off homeowners, and 10% off auto—which can save you up to a combined 30% off your total premium!

Drive Less

This may seem obvious, or you may be wondering why you have car insurance if you rarely drive. However, the less you’re on the road, the less you’ll be paying for premiums. Be it carpooling or infrequent driving, your insurance agent should be able to hook you up with low-mileage discounts and lower premiums. How you use your vehicle is going to affect your rates. Make sure your vehicle is rated correctly, as this will save you substantially on your insurance costs.

Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums

Go Paperless

Something as simple as paying your monthly bills online can be an easy way to get a small discount on your premiums. Most insurance companies are looking to cut paper costs by switching to electronic invoices and payments, so why not save some money and save a tree? Ask your agent to see how this can be applied to your policies.

Update an Old Home

So you fell in love with that old-fashioned charm of your older home. But what about all of the plumbing and electrical wires that are no longer up to code? Those old pipes and wires are likely to lead to damage. Take care of your home to take care of your premium! Replacing old systems can lower your premium by proactively taking a step to keep your home safe. Not only will this save money, but will keep your home insurable. Note: Having a central station monitored burglar alarm system would not only help you feel more secure and safe—it can also lower your insurance costs by up to an additional 10 percent!!

Life Insurance Premiums

Eat Healthy and Exercising

No surprise, the healthier you are, the lower your premiums. Insurance companies factor in your height to weight ratio to assess your life expectancy, which is considered when determining your premium. Taking care of your health will lower your overall health risk factors that could raise your premiums—and will help keep you insurable for the long term.

Avoid Tobacco Products

Did you know rates are higher for tobacco smokers? Just as tobacco products—like cigars and cigarettes—have associated health risks, they also affect your life insurance rates. Kicking the habit before you apply can help keep your premiums low. Note: Most insurance companies require the applicant to be smoke free for one year before applying non-tobacco rates.

Buy Early

Insurance companies understand that you’re more likely to buy life insurance because you need it. If your family has a history of serious illness, your insurance premiums are going to be higher, due to you having a greater health risk. Buying a life insurance policy at a young age ensures that you lock-in those lower premiums for the duration of your life. Additionally, buying life insurance when you’re young and currently healthy will keep your premiums low—no matter where life takes you. This will protect your insurability, even if the unthinkable happens.

Additional Tip

You can pay for your insurance policies upfront, which can you 7 to 10 percent on your overall costs! While it may not be the most popular or comfortable way, if you have the resources available, you could save a lot of money!


Do you still have questions on how to lower your insurance premiums? Call us today at our Martinsburg office at 304-263-3361, or the Inwood office at 304-229-7227 to talk to an agent. You can also contact us for a free quote on our website here. Adjust your lifestyle, lower your insurance premiums, change your life!


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