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Bundle Up! Saving Money by Bundling Policies

We all know you save money by bundling. Be it adding a drink to the sandwich and chips, or bundling your insurance policies—bundling means saving! While saving money is typically the main goal, it’s not the only way you can save.

Here are two important reasons to bundle:

Bundling Saves Money

Many insurance companies offer special savings from bundling—called multi-policy discounts. Companies are all about saving time and saving money, and bundling creates a streamlined process that is easier for you, and for them.

It will also help alleviate gaps in your coverages. These gaps leave you exposed and vulnerable to paying more out of pocket if something were to happen. If your family has two cars, covered by two different insurance companies, there is no guarantee that your coverage will be the same. Are you going to be covered correctly if driving your spouse’s car, when your car is insured somewhere else? Is that a risk you’re willing to take?

Bundling Saves Time

Time is money, or so the old adage goes. It may not seem like a big deal, but think back to the last time you were on hold for hours trying to sort out something with your bank or loan services. No one wants to be stuck in those situations.

Bundling your insurance policies saves time on making a claim, paying your deductible, and paying your premiums. By bundling your policies, you’re making your life easier by adopting a simpler claims process that is streamlined for your benefit, and the benefit of your insurance carrier. Most insurance companies will thank you for saving your time and theirs—by saving you money.


Still not sure if bundling is right for you? Be sure to call us today at our Martinsburg office at 304-263-3361, or the Inwood office at 304-229-7227 to talk to an agent. You can also contact us for a free quote on our website here. Save yourself a headache, while padding your wallet!

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